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Expect 8 to 10 WEEKS production time.


This order is for 24 boards (12 for each sideline). Each board has a smooth 12-foot playing surface and FIH specified 10mm slope. Each sideline has one "Parent" board and as many "Children" as needed to cover the sideline. Each "Child" board has a six-inch, permanently attached (i.e. never lost) connector that slides into the Parent or adjoining Child board to cover the sideline in a daisy chain of connected boards. Be sure to have a foot of clearance at the end of each sideline for board positioning. Price includes $1,000 towards shipping and outside delivery charges to a commercial (non-residential) address. Expect delivery 8 to 10 weeks from payment.


OPTION 1 (custom lengths): Boards can be custom cut to achieve a court length other than 96, 108, 120, 132, or 144. Custom cuts are available for $50 per cut.


OPTION 2 (color): Boards will be the color of brushed aluminum if not powder coated. Boards shown in men's game have been powder coated in white. Powder coating is a good idea when the aluminum color of the boards match flooring of a similar color. For planning purposes, add approximately $50 per board for white powder coating. Other colors are available for approximately $70 per board. Powder coating is quoted individually for each order.

PitchPerfect Sideboards (144' court, 24 boards)

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