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The Equipment Kit contains everything short of a coin, stick ring, clothing, and a rulebook that the modern field hockey umpire needs for indoor and/or outdoor games. The case is black and embossed with the logo. It has a distinctive red zipper and red interior. This makes the case easy to find and its contents easy to see. The case is perfectly sized to carry all of the items that are included in the kit ( "white edge" Warning Cards, FOX 40 Classic Whistle, MatchSKINS, and Sharpie Mini). The whistle is, of course, the Fox 40 Classic (THE whistle used for umpiring field hockey). The perfect companion for the whistle is the Sharpie Mini. It attaches to the back of the whistle giving the umpire an ideal "handle" and an omnipresent pen for recording game events (goals, cards, and timeouts) as required for NCAA, USAFH, and FIH games. The reusable, Write-When-Wet, peel-and-stick, pack of 20 MatchSKINS go onto and come off of the yellow card for ease of use or use the pre-printed side for record keeping. As you can imagine, it is easier to erase pencil marks than those made with a Sharpie when writing directly on the yellow card. All of these products are perfect for indoor and outdoor games.

Umpire Equipment Kit (fewer than 5 left)

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