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Field hockey influencer Cris Maloney, author of Field Hockey: Understanding the Game, is back with another important offering for your bookshelf. Field Hockey: The Beginner's Guide will help readers learn how to begin playing and coaching the great sport of field hockey. Maloney provides an overview of the sport, replete with illustrations and photographs, and includes exclusive and detailed coverage of the MALONEY METHOD™. The genesis of the MALONEY METHOD™ came from a presentation titled "Field Hockey: The First 30-Minutes" that the author made at an International Olympic Committee Olympic Solidarity course held at the US Olympic Training Center in 1985. Since that time the MALONEY METHOD™ has been used to train thousands of beginners in private lessons, recreation programs, and in physical education classes. The MALONEY METHOD™ is easy to learn and provides athletes with a critical foundation at the beginning of their field hockey career. Players of any age can use the MALONEY METHOD™ to teach their friends or younger children. Using MALONEY METHOD™, for example, a girls’ field hockey team can, in a single afternoon, teach the boys’ soccer team how to play field hockey and have challenging opponents in their school ready to play in weekly scrimmages.


There are two editions of Field Hockey: The Beginner's Guide to , one has a color interior and a more affordable version that provides the same information but the photographs and illustrations are in black & white.

COLOR EDITION: Field Hockey - The Beginner's Guide

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