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Carefully curated by Cris Maloney, this pack has all of the field hockey equipment essentials for young players.


WHAT'S INCLUDED: Stick (10% carbon with vibration control), Gear Bag (lightly padded, ventilated outside pocket, zippered security pocket, shoulder strap, and loop for hanging the bag up in, for example, a mud room or a closet), Shin Guards, Youth Hockey Ball (oversized for easy play on grass), and basic Mouth Guard (not one that is appropriate for children with braces). These items are not sold separately.



SMALL: 32" stick, junior mouth guards, and small shin guards*

Player is up to about 4'4" tall.


MEDIUM: 34.5" stick, junior mouth guard, and medium shin guards*

Player is about 4'8" tall, give or take a few.


LARGE: 36" stick, adult mouth guard, and shin guards*

Player is "the tall one" -- probably 5'5" tall, maybe 5'4" but you know there's more height coming!


* Shin guards require knee socks to be held in place.

Starter Pack

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