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The Phoenix corner masks is designed with extra padding covers the temple and ear regions. Phoenix masks are designed to go on and come off quickly with ponytails.


"I wanted to give the Phoenix masks a shout-out. Majority of the girls on our u14 NIT were new indoor players and used Phoenix masks, two girls (one was mine) took direct shots to the face flying on penalty corners during NITs. Both girls shook off the impacts with zero recovery time/no play stoppage. Great product. -- Jacob P."



Team customizations (logo for example) are available at no extra cost on orders of 12 or more. Indicate choice below. We will contact you. Personalization is available for individual orders at $5 per mask. Indicate choice below. We will contact you.



Medium: Fits Small/Medium size heads

Large: Fits Medium/Large size heads (and those with smaller heads and lots of hair)


Sizing Info: I have head circumference of 23.75", a Medium is too small for me. My son has a head circumference of 21.5" and the Medium is fine for him. Measure with the athlete's hair being worn similarly to competitions.



Available in four standard colors (red, blue, black, gray). Can be customized, team color and logo/name, for team orders (12 or more). Send an email for team pricing to Cris Maloney,

Phoenix Corner Mask