Standard Color: Hot Pink/Black

Head: Special Tapered toe for outstanding reverse stick pulls and lifts, Surface grit for better ball control

Stick Core: Center I-Beam with hollow channels
Fabric Make-up: Aerospace-Grade Carbon 70%, Fiberglass 25%, Hybrid 5%
Bend: Late Bow 205mm High Point of 24.00mm curve
Grip: EVA Backed Shock Resister Black 59” Grip
Style: Field Player
Construction: Pakistan 
Minimal flex for greater power in hitting with excellent touch.
Using 100% aerospace-grade fabrics and custom high-strength resin, the construction of this stick takes place in a unique and proprietary manner.
Using a mixture of braiding and uni-directional fibers there is exceptional hitting power and performance. Legal for all levels of USA, NHSF, and FIH play