Standard Color: Purple/Black

Shaft: Flat face with maximum surface area for better ball reception, grit surface on the head for more ball control

Stick Core: Center I-Beam with hollow channels
Fabric Make-up: Aerospace-Grade Carbon 50%, Fiberglass 45%, Hybrid 5%
Bend: Late Bow 300mm High Point of 24mm curve
Grip: EVA Backed Shock Resister Black 59” Grip
Style: Field Player
Construction: Pakistan 
Medium flex for consistent power in hitting on uneven surfaces. The fiberglass provides excellent touch. The Mid Bow is excellent for keeping the ball low on free hits.
Using 100% aerospace-grade fabrics and custom high-strength resin, the construction of this stick takes place in a unique and proprietary manner.
Using a mixture of braiding and uni-directional fibers there is exceptional hitting power and performance. Legal for all levels of USA, NHSF, and FIH play