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MatchSKINS for lacrosse. Based on customer reports, a single pack should last for more than 100 games.

MatchSKINS (LAX - 1StopSports)

  • MatchSKINS for lacrosse have been measured to fit the lacrosse hard card from 1StopSports. MatchSKINS for lacrosse are 75mm x 105mm. That's a little less than 3" by just over 4". MatchSKINS not only keep your hard card from 1StopSports in pristine condition, they add a layer of support making the hard cards firmer in your hands. The reusable and disposable MatchSKINs can be written on even when wet -- whether from humidity, sweat, or rain. Our customers report each MatchSKIN lasts a minimum of 6 to 10 games. Each pack of lacrosse MatchSKINS comes with twelve (12) skins for recording over the lacrosse hard card from 1StopSports (hard cards NOT included).

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