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SlickSaves got an order for 25 pairs of their SlickSliders to outfit all the goalkeepers at WC Eagles. 


This item is handmade by SlickSaves to cover leg guards and allow an indoor hockey goalie to slide on indoor game surfaces. The sliders also serve to protect the leg guards from damage that may be caused by hard surfaces. The foiled nylon spandex fabric is similar to the fabric that swimsuits are made from. It enhances the slipperiness of all brands of leg guards and adds style and personality to your indoor game. These fabrics can be tricky to sew and they require hand washing/spot cleaning, but they do hold up to play surprisingly well.


After placing your order, SlickSaves will contact you to learn what colors, patterns, etc. you're interested in. SlicksSaves is also considering providing possible personalization (name/jersey number/grad year) that will appear on the fronts and that option will also be discussed after purchase. 

Indoor Goalie Sliders - Foiled, "Fancy," Nylon Spandex

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