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EXO-L BRACE (right ankle)


Please don't order this custom item if you haven't scheduled your scan.


EXO-L BRACE is a made-to-order, 3D printed external ankle ligament which protects the wearer against rollever sprains.


Sprained ankles are the number one injury in sports worldwide. The EXO-L BRACE is the seatbelt for ankles. Every year, millions of people suffer from this injury. The problem is not only limited to sports, but also occurs in daily life and within the field of work. Once sprained, the chance of reoccurring ankle sprains increases. Ankle sprains increase the risk of arthrosis. Therefore, prevention is better than rehabilitation. No two feet are the same. 3-D image capture and printing is used by Impi Innovations to create a personalized custom-fit ankle brace. In this way, a perfect fit to the user's body is assured.

EXO-L ‘BRACE’ (right)

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