The BubbaBall and DinoBall are training aids designed to strengthen a player’s hands, wrists, and arms. The dimpled surface of the BubbaBall™ tells you that it is intended for outdoor use. It can be used by field hockey players of all ages. The DinoBall™ is a training aid designed for indoor hockey players of all ages and outdoor players ages 17 and up (younger if strong).


These training aids are ILLEGAL for game play. A legal hockey ball weighs between 156 and 163 grams. While maintaining the same diameter and circumference of a legal hockey ball, the Bubbas are engineered to weigh in at about 210 grams and Dinos at about 470 - 475 grams!


The Bubbas are half white and half red, the Dinos are half black and half yellow. The distinctive coloring was selected to help everyone quickly distinguish them from legal hockey balls.



These aids will help players strengthen their hands, wrists, and lower arms while practicing fine-motor ball-handling skills. They are also very useful developing pushing and flicking skills.



Using the hitting action to play either the BubbaBall or DinoBall could damage a hockey stick. Only use dribbling, pushing, and flicking actions to move a BubbaBall or DinoBall.

COMBO: BubbaBall™ and DinoBall™