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MatchSKINS are incredibly useful solution to a number of problems that have plagued referees, umpires, judges, and other game officials since the beginning of sport. Due to our insanely great Write When Wet™ technology, you can write on MatchSKINS™ when they are wet AND you can do so using a pen, pencil, or Sharpie. An integral part of the design is that they can be peeled off their backing and placed on the plastic cards carried by sport officials. MatchSKINS™ for soccer and field hockey are sized to fit penalty cards and come with sport specific designs for recording game events. Lacrosse and baseball MatchSKINS™ are designed as overlays that protect plastic scorecards from 1StopSports, Cliff Keen, and The Officials Corner. All MatchSKINS™ are removable and reusable (our experience is that you'll get satisfactory use from each MatchSKIN more than a half dozen times). Finally, tournament administrators can provide MatchSKINS and collect them from game officials at the end of each game. The game official simply removes the MatchSKINS™ from their personal equipment and places it a match card.


Take one of our MatchSKINS, stick it into a bowl of water, take it out, and write on it -- using a pen, pencil, or even a Sharpie. In fact, see what happens when you leave it in the bowl and write on it.


MatchSKINS can be erased and reused many times before reaching the end of their usefulness. We say about a half dozen times but most of our customers tell us they easily get more than eight games before feeling the need to replace one. It is our intention that each MatchSKINS pack will likely provide most officials with enough MatchSKINS to last a season worth of games. Use a standard eraser to remove recordings made in pencil. Any alcohol-based product (from a cleansing wipe to deodorant) will remove game events recorded using a pen or Sharpie.

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